Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 7 Filipino Food Snacks for Rainy Days

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Beat the rainy day blues with Filipino snacks 

Talking about Philippine food unravels a lot of cherished memories - anticipating one's favorite dishes, enjoying the best Filipino food,  trying to cook an unforgettable dish or pastry you've tried, and having a great meal with family or friends. Perhaps a common thread among those memories of Filipino food is enjoying a satisfying merienda (snacks) that's perfect for the cold weather. 

Across the Philippine Islands are numerous savory and sweet snack choices that are truly enjoyable to eat when the rain pours. Those snacks not only bring warmth and comfort - they also delight the senses. Here is my pick of 7 Filipino food snacks that are perfect for rainy days:

Chocolate, mango and suman wrapped in banana leaves

1. Suman, tsokolate at mangga (glutinous rice stick, hot chocolate and a slice of ripe mango)
There are many ways to enjoy this trio of treats. You could dip a piece of  the unsweetened suman on a cup of hot chocolate or pour a bit of the thick chocolate on top of that rice stick.  You could also slowly sip that rich chocolate after taking a bite of suman and a scoop of mangga. Enjoy it any way you want,  it would definitely brighten up your cloudy day.

2.  Champorado
Sticky rice cooked in chocolate may sound odd to those not living in the Philippines. However, for Filipinos, a  bowl of hot champorado will surely perk them up. Pour in some milk and you've got one creamy treat. Eat it with bits of tuyo (dried fish) or strips of tapa (beef) and  you've got one sweet-and-salty delight to overcome the rainy day blues.
Pancit Molo

3.   Pancit Molo
Pancit molo actually has no noodles. It is a clear broth with bits of chopped spring onions and toasted garlic as well as a generous amount of tasty dumplings. In some homes, the pancit molo is made more enticing with shredded chicken and small shrimps. A steaming bowl of pancit molo evokes the goodness of a classic comfort food: warm, aromatic and flavorful. Eating one is also a gratifying way of beating the sniffles.
4. Arroz caldo
Chicken soup may be good for the soul. Yet for Filipinos, a piping hot bowl of Arroz caldo does the trick. This rice and chicken porridge has a faint yellow color that will remind you of a sunny day. Seasoned with ginger, garlic, spring onions, soy sauce, fish sauce and  calamansi (local citrus), Arroz caldo is one simple dish that does wonders for one's body and soul on a chilly weather. 


5. Dinuguan at Puto 
Dinuguan or pork blood stew is usually eaten by Filipinos during lunch or dinner. However, when served in a small bowl and paired with puto (rice cake), it becomes an appetizing rainy day snack. While not everyone may find its dark brown appearance enticing, it is certainly a filling and savory treat. 

6.  Ginataang Halo-halo
Some consider this a yummy dessert. However, it is the ideal afternoon snack when the weather is cold. This warm concoction of glutinous rice balls, purple yam, taro root, plantains, sweet potato, ripe jack fruit and tapioca pearls stewed in coconut milk titillates the taste buds with its texture and taste. Ginataang halo-halo is called binignit in the Visayas region.


7. Biscocho and Broas 
Old folks shared that in the past, rainy days were the best time to nibble and savor biscuits bought from a local bakery or stored in the kitchen cabinet. That would mean eating some biscocho, a sweet, buttery and crisp biscuit made from leftover bread or broas, a crunchy variant of Lady fingers. Fortunately, you could still enjoy these during the rainy season by buying them from a grocery store. Dunk them in a cup of strong coffee such as Kapeng Barako or eat them while sipping a cup of hot cocoa drink and you're in for a treat. 

These mouth-watering Filipino snacks will surely make a cloudy day more pleasant. For those visiting the Philippines during the wet season, you should definitely try any of these treats for an authentic Filipino gastronomic experience.  

What about you? What do you consider as the perfect Filipino food  for rainy days? Share them here!

*arroz caldo photo from ohmyasia.tumblr.com 


  1. @lifeisacelebration: I can relate! After I wrote this, I heard my stomach grumble. Do you have something to add to this list?

  2. Wow... Sarap... lalo na yung champorado...

  3. @Tripper10: favorite ko rin yung champorado! :-)

  4. Reading this on a rainy afternoon, and i just craved for.......sotanghon! Finding none, I settled for champorado. The packaged kind. arggghhh (Pandesal with kesong puti would have been a better alternative)

  5. I want champorado!


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