Friday, January 7, 2011

Lights, Sounds and Wonder

Caught the Musical Fountain Show at the Manila Ocean Park last evening.  It was truly a spectacular display of laser lights, sounds, and pyrotechnics!  The antics of  the Starfish  and the Crustaceans were also fun to watch.
Since I couldn't take any decent photo with my low-end digital camera, I took some videos instead. Unlike in movie houses, the show's organizers encouraged us to use our cameras so that we can share the joy of watching the show. This made me think:  Wouldn't life be better if we could easily share the wonderful things we've experienced?

I was fortunate to have availed of the Php 99 online ticket promo when I went to the Manila Ocean Park. The helpful information booth attendant told me it would be better for me to register online. Otherwise, I would have paid more. I think the promo is about to end though. Anyway, you can check the website of  Manila Ocean Park for the show's schedule and other promos of the Aquatica. 

I highly recommend that you watch the musical fountain show with kids or with people who are young at heart.  During the show, I observed that some adults in the audience didn't know how to cooperate.  How hard is it to do a "wave" or to  shout  "Yes!"?   To all killjoys:  You have no right to complain!  

Rainy day lesson:  See things with the eyes of a child so that you'll have more joy in your life. 


  1. sayang di ako umabot sa promo

  2. do they still have a promo?

  3. Please check their website (click on the link in my post) for promo updates. :)


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