Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biyaheng Negros Occidental: Mambukal Mountain Resort

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Here's my short video slideshow featuring Mambukal Mountain Resort. Mambukal Mountain Resort  is less than an hour away from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The resort, which is located in the town of Murcia,  is popular for its hot springs and waterfalls. 

Aside from those natural attractions, Mambukal resort has facilities for intrepid travelers.  These include the canopy walk, wall climbing, boat lagoon and slide for life. For those who prefer to relax amidst nature's wonders, they can head to the The Blade Spa, see the Butterfly Garden or walk around the resort and enjoy the cool weather.   There are also cottages and lodges for rent for those who simply wish to rest. 

Mambukal Resort is also the gateway to Mount Kanlaon.  According to our guide, those who plan to hike Mount Kanlaon usually camp overnight at the resort. Personally, it is best to go here on a day trip and during sunny weather. From our experience, trekking to the waterfalls can be difficult since some areas are very slippery.   

To get to Mambukal from Bacolod City, you can rent or drive your own vehicle for a convenient travel.  If you prefer  to commute, you can take a  mini-bus to Murcia from the Libertad terminal in downtown Bacolod.

Mambukal Mountain Resort may not be favorable to luxury travelers; those who have difficulty walking, adults with babies or toddlers; seniors;  those particular about food (the open-air restaurants basically have the same menu so you may want to bring your own food instead) and those who want a comfortable overnight accommodation.  I recommend a visit here for backpackers and budget travelers; families with kids/ teens; young adults; adventure-seekers; hiking/trekking/camping fanatics; nature-lovers; organizations or companies on a team building or outing and photography enthusiasts.   

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