Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Are All Connected

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Starfish at Palawan

My nephew was playing with his favorite dinosaur toy while I was watching the news when something caught his attention.  

"What's that?", he asked, pointing to the TV screen.

On the TV screen was the video of a Senator inspecting  a cargo of  black corals at the Bureau of Customs Area in Manila. I told him that those were corals stolen from the seas of Cotobato. 

He was almost in tears, however, when he pointed out another thing on TV. 

"What did they do to the turtles? Are the turtles dead?" He pointed at a man holding a large, stuffed sea  turtle. photo of smuggled sea turtles from Cotobato

"Yes, those turtles are dead.", I replied. Suddenly, I felt a twinge of sadness. Then my nephew asked the most difficult question:

"But why?"

Why, indeed? Why would people kill endangered marine animals? Why would people harvest corals and seashells? Is it  merely for profit? Or does it reflect a lack of education on the value of our seas and marine life? 
The waters of Bangui Bay

Today, June 8 marks International Blog Action Day, a collaborative effort to raise awareness  and inspire action, especially from our government, to save our seas, coral reefs and other marine resources.  We cannot let the destruction of our seas continue. What will be left for the next generation to enjoy? Most importantly, what will happen to us? We need coral reefs to protect our coastlines against strong waves and storms. Coral reefs are also  home to many sea creatures, and its destruction would lead to the death of a vast number of marine organisms. We rely on organisms that live in coral reefs for our basic needs, medicine, and livelihood. 

Our lives are connected to our seas. It's time for us to speak out and take action.  Save the Philippine Seas!


  1. This is really Sad... :(
    Hope our Government take this issue Seriously...

  2. @Tripper10 Agree. You can also write a post in your site to call on the government to take action. =)

  3. I'll definitely do that... kakalampagin ko sila..:)


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