Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat! Wanna Try These Treats?

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One of the interesting and fun things about hosting friends or colleagues from other countries is introducing them to local cuisine. I usually have some tricks up on my sleeves whenever they say that they want to try some local food.  One of those tricks is not telling my guests what food they will be eating (after checking if they have any allergies, of course).  This works pretty well when I let them try some street food. Unless they search it on the internet or ask around, they have no idea of what's on their plates until they finish them.  Naturally, they return the "favor" when I visit their country.

Just take a look at these innocent-looking, delightful street food:

Want some of this barbecue? It's made of chicken intestines.

More treats:

What's on those skewers? Pork skin and ears

How about this one? It's liver.

Cheese balls? Not.  High calorie, deep fried quail eggs

And of course, the most popular (or infamous?) street food in the Philippines (This one I'm sure you know!):

Uhm, what's inside?
For those who've heard about balut, a cold bottle of beer usually comes in handy in finishing this delicacy. For those who have never heard about it, eating this duck egg can either be a pleasant or a shocking surprise. 

These street foods, of course, are just tip of the iceberg. There are more unusual yet delicious treats in the Philippines. In fact, each region has a unique treat to offer. Want to try them during your visit here? Just let me know. I'll try not to play any tricks.  :-)  


  1. Isaw in UP- i love. I tried balut before but cant eat it now. Btw, I ate chicken feet last weekend after not eating it for so many years. Haha. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. @Rizalenio Yes, UP rocks when it comes to Isaw! Enjoy your weekend, too.

  3. In Sony Lifestyle, the host did not eat the balut. So funny!

  4. Like ko yung Chicken Intestine...:)
    "Bitukang Manuk" tawag dito sa amin... hehehe...

  5. @Tripper10: Yung bitukang manok favorite din ng bisita namin from Australia...pero nung nalaman niyang chicken intestine pala yun ayaw na niya, lol.

  6. Haha... Natawa naman ako dun sa bisita nyo... :)
    Dapat di nalang nya nalaman hehehe...


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