Friday, December 9, 2011

FriFotos: Yellow, The Color of a Revolution

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Yellow flowers for the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace 

Before Occupy Wall Street and Egypt's 2011 revolution, there was a series of nonviolent, peaceful demonstrations in the Philippines. This civil resistance led to the ouster of a dictator and his allies and led to the restoration of democracy in a country that was under an authoritarian regime for 20 years. This was initially called the Yellow Revolution due to presence of yellow ribbons and flowers using during street demonstrations. Eventually, it was called the People Power Revolution of 1986 as more than two million civilians, drawing strength from prayers and smiles, collectively overthrew a corrupt and dictatorial government. 

As most of the demonstrations happened at the corner of Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) and Ortigas Avenue in Metro Manila, a Holy Ground marker and a shrine was made in that corner. The Shrine features Mary, the Queen of Peace, and a chapel. Every February 25, the anniversary of the People Power Revolution, yellow flowers, banners, and ribbons fill the Shrine once again in remembrance of the revolution that surprised the world and inspired other peaceful resistance across the globe. 

The EDSA Shrine, another name for the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace.


  1. When I think of revolution, red color comes to mind. Yellow is the new red. Our peaceful people power inspires other country too. :)

  2. @Rizalenio: Indeed, that peaceful people power is the Filipinos' proud contribution to the world!


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