Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have You Heard of the Boulevard?

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Have you ever Googled something and couldn't find any information that was useful to you? This was what happened to me during the Holy Week when I searched on the Internet for  "Boulevard", an attraction in Bauan. A relative told me to visit the "Boulevard" as that was where most Bauan residents spend their weekends. Surprisingly, it's not even listed in their local government website.

C'mon, Google. I'm sure the Boulevard is not a fast food restaurant!

My curiosity piqued, I decided to head to Bauan, an industrialized municipality in the province of Batangas, south of Manila. I  imagined that the Boulevard is perhaps similar to the old Manila Baywalk in Roxas or a street lined up with palm trees similar to Sunset Boulevard in San Francisco.

It was neither of the two. It turns out that Bauan's Boulevard is a beach. A public beach!
Sunset at the Boulevard.
The Boulevard is located at Aplaya and is part of the Batangas Bay coastline, one of the two bays bordering Bauan. It's about 10 to 15 minutes away by private or public transport (tricycle) from the Immaculate Conception Church of Bauan. The Boulevard's long coastline has fine, gray sand similar to some of the beaches in Zambales and Samar. The beach's waters are quite shallow with small waves regularly kissing the shore.

The Boulevard is a beach without the frills: There are no resorts, large umbrellas and beach chairs. Instead, there are picnic huts for rent.  There are no restaurants too, just a few stalls selling grilled food and stores offering some snacks. It's thus not surprising to see beach-goers bringing their own food and drinks, with a few bringing banana leaves, perhaps for a fun boodle fight.

You can see in the photos that there were a lot of people on the beach. I was told that most residents come in the afternoon to catch the sunset and swim on the warm waters. They bring with them their own beach floats and lifesavers. Some rent the few motorboats, jet skis and kayaks that are provided by the municipality's local officials (who are also in-charge of supervising the activities on the Boulevard).

Various ways to have fun at the Boulevard.
The Boulevard is definitely not the pristine beach with the sugary-white sand and panoramic views that most beach-goers prefer. However, if you are on a budget, need a break from the smoldering heat of the sun  and want to brag that you have been to a beach only a few people know about, then you might enjoy a day trip to this seaside destination. Otherwise, head to Balayan Bay, also in Bauan, which has a richer marine life.


  1. The boulevard sunset is beautiful. It's nice to see people enjoying the beach.

    1. We're really lucky because our country's a great place to watch the sun set. Thanks for the comment! :-)


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