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For Travel around the Philippines:
for information on places of interest in the Philippines Islands       
Traveling around the Philippines with the purpose of preserving our heritage   
Unbiased and updated travel information on touring the Philippines                         
Blog and tour schedule of Mr. Carlos Celdran, the man who's trying to change the way you look at Manila
Wonderful travel photos of different places in the Philippines        
Backpacking around the Philippines on a budget

For Travel Beyond the Philippines
A couple's journey to different places around the globe
for information about travels to Vietnam and the Philippines       
All about spending a holiday in Thailand
celebrating life through travels around Asia and beyond
Travel tips, guides and videos for `round the world travel
American expats in search of good food, wine, and beer in different countries.
For interesting posts on travel and social media
Helpful travel tips for those traveling solo       
For travel tips, photos and blogs made for travelers by travelers
Travel information for women travelers