Travel Tips

Sharing the top travel tips I posted via Twitter. Who knows, anyone of these might be helpful on your next trip! 
    Tag your bags!
  1.  Always have a photocopy of your travel documents and keep `em secured.
  2. Pack a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes: One that will be useful for walking around and another pair for special activities (hiking,etc). 
  3. When traveling to another country, remember to bring a map (digital copy or an actual map, take your pick). Most importantly, know how to read a map. 
  4. Sunblock, mosquito repellent, towel and drinking water: Four must-have things when you're staying near the beach.
  5. My friend's luggage has a hard-to-peel pop art sticker featuring himself. Vain? Yeah, but a great way of identifying his luggage.
  6. Observe toilet etiquette on the plane. Lock the door behind you, don't forget to flush after, and don't stay too long inside. 
  7. Take a photo of your luggage or bags using your mobile phone so that you can show it to authorities in case you lose them.
  8. Using PayPal? Advise them if you plan to withdraw funds while traveling abroad or they might block access to your account. Same with credit cards.
  9. Your hand-carry should have some extra clothes in case you lose your check-in luggage.
  10. For your safety, inform a family member or a  close friend about your travel whereabouts and take note of  emergency numbers (hospital, police, your country's embassy, etc.) in your travel destination. 

Got your own helpful travel trip? Feel free to add it as a comment here. It would surely help create happier and more comfortable travels!

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