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Hit Two Birds with One Stone: Tiendesitas and Greenhills

6/3/11 NOTE: For Mall Hours and Shuttle Service Schedule of Tiendesitas and Greenhills Shopping Center, check out my update.

Tiendesitas *

Tiendesitas, which is located in Ortigas, Pasig City, is a compound of various retail stores offering  native delicacies; local handicrafts;  charming antiques and home furnishings; as well as fashionable clothes and accessories from different regions in the Philippines. 

Antiques and furnishings at the Novelty Village.

I heard that there was a free shuttle service from Tiendesitas to Greenhills, and vice versa. So I decided to hit two birds with one stone by going to both places for a food trip and for my writing project. I arrived at Tiendesitas at around 3 p.m. and it turned out to be a good time to explore the place since there were only a few shoppers, mostly pet owners and tourists.  
The Fun Ranch in Tiendesitas is a place where kids rule. 
The humble calesa.

What I like about Tiendesitas is the attention to details, which I am sure locals and tourists love: the colorful vinta decors; the brightly colored fabrics hanging from the ceilings;  the wooden benches and seats; and the calesas of Old Manila that roam around the area.  Fun Ranch and Ark Avilon Zoo were also nearby, which is a good place for children to play and hang out.

Fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, and sago't gulaman
My first stop was at the Tiendesitas Food Village, where the tables were barely occupied since most of the people have finished their lunch. This left me a lot of time to enjoy my favorite afternoon snacks. The street food vendors, however, were having a field day since most of Tiendesitas’ visitors were buying fish balls, squid balls, and cheesy corn (Yummy!). I heard someone complain though that the price was a bit more expensive than the street food in UP Diliman (in Quezon City), but who cares?  The street food vendors at Tiendesitas were more particular about sanitation so the cost is pretty much forgivable.  

V Mall, one of the many shopping malls at Greenhills.
Two hours later, I took the shuttle service at Tiendesitas People’s Village to get to the Greenhills Shopping Center. I saved myself P60 in cab fare and arrived at Greenhills in less than 15 minutes. Greenhills is the place to be for those shopping on a budget.  I first explored the tiangge then the shops at V Mall. I found out that most of the items on display were the same items sold during the Christmas season.  So I just went to the Holy Family’s Rosary Exhibit which featured dioramas of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, as well as the birth of Jesus Christ. For me, the diorama on the birth of Jesus was the most interesting since it had mechanical figures of people going about their daily activities.  One young visitor even pointed out a mechanical figure of a man putting a “shoe” on a donkey!  Unfortunately, taking photos and video recording are not allowed. Better drop by to see the small exhibit for yourself.

At around 630 in the evening, I took the last shuttle back to Tiendesitas.  Traffic wasn’t heavy so I reached Tiendesitas in 15 minutes. The place looked lovelier and more vibrant in the evening, with a lot more people hanging out to dine or to simply chill. I took some time to write down my notes and was thinking of  staying longer to catch the evening’s performers at the Food Village. I  decided against it as I was too excited to work on my project.

For shopaholics, food lovers and tourists tired of big malls, make sure to try the Tiendesitas-Greenhills route in Ortigas, Pasig  for great food  and shopping.

*-Note: All photos and videos are property of the author. 

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