Monday, May 30, 2011

Not Borobudur. It's Paoay...

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The imposing buttresses of Paoay Church

....Or to be more specific, the buttresses of the St. Augustine Catholic Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Also known as the Paoay Church, its design is a fusion of Baroque, Gothic and Oriental elements. Paoay Church's massive buttresses, which appear like the Borobudor's stupas up-close, were made to help the church withstand quakes. Thus, the church's architectural design is referred to as Earthquake Baroque. However, the use of coral blocks and stucco-plastered bricks in its construction makes Paoay Church standout from other Baroque churches.  

Paoay Church and its bell tower 
Paoay Church was constructed in 1704 and once served as an observation post of Filipino revolutionaries. It is one of the Philippine churches designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a beautiful reminder of early Filipinos' ingenuity and colorful history.

Getting to Paoay: Paoay Church is across Herencia Cafe. You can get to Paoay by taking a public jeep or tricycle from Laoag City.  You can also hire a van or jeepney to get to Paoay and other nearby towns in Laoag.  Paoay is  roughly 16 to 20 kilometers away from the city of Laoag. 

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