Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sand, Surf, and Swim: Beaches in the Philippines

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This week's Travel Talk on Twitter focused on beach travel. Reading the tweets as heavy rains battered Manila, I couldn't help recall the joys of walking on the sand, swimming on turquoise waters, seeing amazing sea creatures, and doing some crazy water activities. In short, I missed the beach! While it's way too early for the next summer season, today's just as good as anytime to have a peek of the fantastic beaches of the Philippines.  By the way, I am no multimedia expert. My only wish is that this video slideshow will inspire you to relax and head to beach on the next sunny weekend. Happy viewing!

Video features the beaches of Palawan, Davao, Ilocos Norte, La Union , Bohol and Boracay. What's the best beach you've been to? Tell us about it! 


  1. Cool video! :) best beach for me (by far) is Calaguas in Camarines Norte. Damn. I just run out of words to describe how beautiful it is there. you might wanna check out my posts about it. ;) Thanks!

  2. Thanks Kriska! You're the 2nd person this week to recommend Calaguas. I'll make sure to visit that beach soon.


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