Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch out for this Filipino Wanderlust!

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If you've been reading my posts since last year, you'd probably notice that aside from travels around the Philippines and local food, I also write about Jose Rizal. I am an unabashed fan. This doesn't mean I dislike other heroes or think Rizal is better than other Filipino freedom fighters. I like them all so there's no need for picking sides.  While many are drawn to Jose Rizal because of his genius and flair for writing, I like the fact that he traveled the world and read a lot. And I believed that his journeys (real and imagined) helped him become the hero that many Filipinos know today.

A hero's last moment.

So you can understand my excitement when I stumbled on this: 

This is the trailer of the documentary Jose Rizal: The First Hero. It's directed by Paolo Abella and produced by Jourdan Sebastian.  According to its website, the soon-to-be screened documentary was "Created by a team of young filmmakers dedicated to excellence and backed up by the finest historians with a passion for the truth." From the looks of it, the documentary isn't a romanticized presentation of the life of Rizal. Thus, I can't wait to find out how young people, old folks, and even those who do not know Rizal would react to this film. 

There are no screening dates as of this writing. However, you can check their Facebook page for updates. And in case you want to learn more about this wanderlust/genius/writer/doctor/hero through traveling, you can refer to these as your guide:

You can also see photos of Rizal Park in Manila in this album. Rizal Park or Luneta is usually the first stop for people who want to know more about this Philippine National Hero.

What do you think of the new documentary on Jose Rizal? Would you watch it?  


  1. Documentaries and movies about Rizal are always interesting. Cant wait to see this one. :)

  2. Definitely a must watch. I like it that they're showing his 'human' and imperfect side in this one, based on the trailer. I watched a documentary of Rizal a year ago. From what I recall, women are his weakness :D

  3. @Rizalenio: The film is definitely promising!

    @Ada S.: Ah yes, women! :-)


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