Sunday, May 1, 2011

Travel Photo: Sagada Sunset

Sagada: Farewell to the Sun

For me, catching the sunset at Sagada, Mountain Province is like holding your breath so you won't miss any moment of the sun's glorious farewell. The sunset's fiery hues belie the peace it brings to the hearts of those who witness it. 

A favorite of local and foreign backpackers for its cool climate and natural wonders, Sagada draws visitors for being one of the few places in the Philippines that was able to keep much of its traditional way of life. It also helps that one can wake up to a beautiful sunrise and see a romantic sunset almost everyday in Sagada.  


  1. wow ang ganda! sayang i've never been to sagada.

  2. Thanks galatea! Pwede ka pa pumunta this summer. Or schedule mo anytime between november to february para super lamig. :-)


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