Friday, October 21, 2011

FriFotos: Something Pink in the East

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Today's FriFotos theme is Pink as October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wanted to share photos of pink flowers in honor of women with breast cancer but I couldn't find any in my collection. In lieu of that, I'm sharing photos of  one of my favorite trips with my girl friends. We went to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2006 with little enthusiasm and low expectations. However, the city of Hanoi, the former capital of the French Indochina, surprised us with its old world charm, French-inspired architecture, and friendly people. The street scenes at Hanoi also fascinated us. Here's one of the things that caught our attention - it's something pink:

Fallen cherry blossoms 
And along that same street (well, its not pink)...
Give me a haircut, now! 
And farther down the road...

East meets west.

So as everyone supporting FriFotos honors Breast Cancer Awareness month, here's a shout out to all ladies and my girl friends: Take care of your health and fight against breast cancer through early detection. There are many interesting places to discover and more wonderful experiences to enjoy.  

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